possible in python?

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I'm a maya guy who has "seen the light" and have decided to switch over primarily to C4D. I think a few things are annoying with how the renderer works but I have some dev experience so I thought about writing a plugin to work more like mayas render layers. With python and I able to manually create layers of objects and have the layers be spit out as passes.

Example: I have some cubes and some cones, I add my cones to a "cones" layer and my cubes to a "cubes" layer. I have some GI and other ray tracing. Would I be able to render the image only once but still break out each of my layers to custom pass with alpha? So for instance, spit out diffuse, spec, reflection of my cube layer but ALSO spit out separate pngs of my cone diffue, spec & reflection?

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creating such layers may be possible using a VideoPostData plugin. This kind of plugin is currently only supported by the C++ API.

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Would object buffers be an option for you?

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I know, it's a dead thread.   But, this plugin works really well to accomplish what it sounds like you wish to do.  "Render Elements"  by Adam Swaab.  Some of us wish Maxon could adopt this or a better render-layer-manager and make it a part of C4D natively.