Plugincafe Topics titles listed in one file

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Because I use the PluginCafe forum more and more for my Python and C++ development, I create a list with the Topic titles of all posts to make searching a bit easier.

It start with post:
764:  SDK Help           Topic: Deleting points Posted: 2002 Oct 30 at 1:25am
And ends with post:
8073:  SDK Help           Topic: Generate random points on geometry [SOLVED] Posted: 2014 Aug 08 at 10:58pm****

8062:  Bug Reports        Topic: Python_gradient gizmo won't maximize Posted: 2014 Aug 02 at 7:00pm
8063:  PYTHON Development Topic: GetDirty() on GetUserDataContainer() contents Posted: 2014 Aug 02 at 7:27pm
8064:  PYTHON Development Topic: General plugin questions Posted: 2014 Aug 04 at 5:21am
8065:  PYTHON Development Topic: Return to orginal before rendering? Posted: 2014 Aug 04 at 11:41pm
8066:  PYTHON Development Topic: How can a tag safely modify objects? Posted: 2014 Aug 05 at 6:42pm
8067:  SDK Help           Topic: Visual Studio - 64Bit Plugins Posted: 2014 Aug 06 at 8:39am
8068:  SDK Help           Topic: Cloner - Change Clones Posted: 2014 Aug 07 at 4:08am
8069:  SDK Help           Topic: Icon ids? Posted: 2014 Aug 08 at 5:06am
8070:  PYTHON Development Topic: Velocity V and HPB Q Posted: 2014 Aug 08 at 5:24am
8071:  PYTHON Development Topic: userarea and mouse hoover Posted: 2014 Aug 08 at 8:03am

Format per line :  Topics number – Forum – Topic tittle – Date topic posted.
Note: search the full post use the Topic number in the following URL:"Topic number"**

Here you can download the file with the topic titles.
Note: I will try to make a regular update on the file, so you can always download a file with the latest posts included.**