GetDirty() on GetUserDataContainer() contents

On 02/08/2014 at 19:27, xxxxxxxx wrote:

Greetings to all!

Is there any way to determine precisely what user data controller has changed from within a Python script?

I figured that the following code would work (according to the SDK, anyways) :

for i, b in op.GetUserDataContainer() :
    print i, b.GetDirty()

Where the user data is all defined on op (the Python tag itself), however the checksum returned by GetDirty() in this case never seems to change (regardless of what I do with the UD controls). Is this intended behaviour or not?

FWIW, I'm trying to figure out what user data control has changed so that I can determine what I need to update and how since the python script backing the tag is fairly large and long running for a complete recalculation.


On 03/08/2014 at 01:39, xxxxxxxx wrote:

What you get is the parameter description which is only used to display the data of the node
in the Attributes Manager. It won't be marked "dirty" for parameter value changes. From a Python
Tag or Generator or Node, it is not possible to get a notification that certain parameters have 
changed. You need to check this for yourself and store the previous state somewhere.