Save active doc and reopen it

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I want to duplicate the active document to a fixed location and still have the original document open (or reopend).

How can this be done?

I got stuck right in the beginning, as I want a InputDialog to rename the duplicate and "documents.GetActiveDocument()" only gives me an ID and my "GetData(c4d.DOCUMENT_NAME)" isn't working.

After that I can't work out how do save it as a copy or reopen it from the old position.

Can someone please help me with this?

On 27/06/2014 at 04:03, xxxxxxxx wrote:

You should be able to get the path with a combination of:

myDoc = GetActiveDocument()
originalDocPath = myDoc.GetDocumentPath() + "/" + myDoc.GetDocumentName()
# ^ Might have to append the doc name to it not sure

And then just do a save document then a load document, something like..

#LoadDocument() or LoadFile()

Roughly like that i think..

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Thanks a bunch! Learning Python better day by day...