Getting the neighboring points

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Cinema 4D Version:   14 
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I'm using the Neighbor class but, using it, I can only get what polygons are connected to a point.
However, I just want to know what points are directly connected, through an edge, to a specific point.
For example, lets say I have point I. I want to know what are all the points that are directly connected to point I through an edge. Just one level deep!!
The SDK only talks about:

To get point->poly connections use GetPointPolys()
To get edge->poly connections use GetEdgePolys()
To get poly->edge connections use GetPolyInfo()

What about simpler things?

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Ok, I guess I can find then out from the attached polygons.
Easier with triangles, though. But I guess I already know how to do.

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Damn! Math is fun. Everything can be achieved with a little math and logic :-)