Subdivision Surface Weight Tag

On 19/05/2014 at 23:06, xxxxxxxx wrote:

I'm creating a plane (polygon with 4 points) and making it a child of a Subdivision Surface.
I'm then adding two tags:

uvw tag:  c4d.BaseTag(c4d.Tuvw)
Subdivision Surface Weight:  c4d.BaseTag(c4d.Tsds)

I have two problems.
C4D pops a message box that says "Tag 5671 not in sync." when you try to do something with the plane.  That is the uvw tag.  If I drag the tag around in the object browser, the problem goes away.
How do you make the tag 'in sync' in python.

Second problem:
I need to set the vertex weights of the 4 points for the Subdivision Surface.
In the viewport, you select the vertices and hold down 'period' and drag left & right to set them.
How do you set those weights with python?


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I can answer you for the first one.

UVW Tag is a Variable Tag, you add it with MakeVariableTag()

polycount = op.GetPolygonCount()  
uvw = op.MakeVariableTag(c4d.Tuvw, polycount)

More info in the doc :

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Thanks that worked.

For some reason this method creates a tag that is not 'in sync' with the object properly.
uvw_tag = c4d.BaseTag(c4d.Tuvw)

Now for the second problem.
Does anyone know how to set the vertex weights from python?

On 05/06/2014 at 20:01, xxxxxxxx wrote:

I was told by Maxon that this can't be done currently.
This feature has now been put on request to the Maxon devs.

I'm loading a plane with tags from a .c4d file to achieve the same thing for now.