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Cinema 4D Version:   R14 
Platform:   Windows  ;   
Language(s) :     C++  ;   PYTHON  ;

Hi - this is C++ or Python really:

Is it possible to create a message/popup/alert that does not have any OK or CANCEL buttons etc?

I am aware of gui.MessageDialogue but there`s no way to not include the buttons and allow the plugin to decide when it goes away..

The only other thing i can think of is using a GeDialog class with some String text in it.  But this seems cumbersome for what it is..

Basically the idea is, plugin starts, displays a message asking the user to wait while it does some stuff, then message disappears when work is done.  Doesn`t seem like much to ask?

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Imho that's a rather "custom" task. A GeDialog is the way to go. Note that a GeDialog can not
be opened on Application Startup.


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Thanks yeah i guess it will have to be.  It`ll just be fired when a commanddata plugin is executed so no worries.

Thanks Niklas.

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If what you're doing is time intensive, think about moving it to a separate thread, if that is possible 
(ie. you're not doing modifications to the current scene or things that require to be process in the
main thread).

This would keep Cinema responsive during the processing.