Colorize OM icons?

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Is it possible to colorize the object icons in the Object Manager, like the native joints in R13+?

I did a search for "colorize icon" but came up with nothing. 

Cactus Dan

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Hi Dan,

It is possible, we did this in our original release of X-Particles. The user could choose a colour from a description element and colorize an object's icon with that. It worked fine, but we dropped it in later versions - I can't remember why now!

What we did was have a monochrome image for the object icon. Then the user colour was multiplied into that to recolour the icon. The code from Message() in the ObjectData plugin looked like this:

Bool XSystem::Message(GeListNode *node, LONG type, void *data)   
     BaseDocument *doc;   
     BaseContainer *nodebc;   
     BaseObject *op = (BaseObject* )node;   
     LONG x, y;   
     GetCustomIconData *cid;   
     UWORD r, g, b;   
     Real pixr, pixg, pixb;   
     Filename sysic;   
     Vector colicn;   
     nodebc = op->GetDataInstance();   
     doc = node->GetDocument();   
          cid = (GetCustomIconData* )data;   
               colicn = nodebc->GetVector(XOVM_ICONCOLOR); // description COLOR element   
               GetIcon(OXPSystemIcon, cid->dat);           // OXPSystemIcon registered in main.cpp   
               sysic = GeGetPluginPath() + Filename("res") + Filename("sysicon.tif");            // monochrome icon for this object   
            // sysbm is a BaseBitmap class-level variable AutoAlloc'ed in the class definition   
               if(sysbm && sysbm->Init(sysic) == IMAGERESULT_OK)   
                    for(y = 0; y < 32; y++)   
                         for(x = 0; x < 32; x++)   
                              sysbm->GetPixel(x, y, &r;, &g;, &b;);   
                              pixr = Real(r) /255 * colicn.x;   
                              pixg = Real(g) / 255 * colicn.y;   
                              pixb = Real(b) / 255 * colicn.z;   
                              r = (pixr * 255);   
                              g = (pixg * 255);   
                              b = (pixb * 255);   
                              sysbm->SetPixel(x, y, (LONG)r, (LONG)g, (LONG)b);   
                    cid->dat->bmp = sysbm;   
                    cid->filled = TRUE;   
//.... etc.....   

The crucial things are the monochrome icon to start with and that you must be able to get its bitmap. I registered the icon in main.cpp to make that easy.


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Thanks. :wink:

Cactus Dan