Clone a polygon over an objects polygons

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I have been looking for ways to clone a polygon with three vertices over an triangulated object. The result would be that you initially have a replica of the object made up of the clones that match each individual referenced object's polygon's point vertices. The object thats is used as a reference has to be disconnected and persevered groups off, so that you have access to each triangulated polygons vertices.

I have a working set up at the moment but it seems like a big work around as it involves a crazy number of steps for something I hoped would be workable.
I just wanted to ask if any smarter people on here had any ideas of how to achieve this? Using a cloner to clone the polygon across the surface seems like the easiest starting point but theres no way to pass the vertices of the triangulated object to the clones is there?


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If anyone has any ideas I would really appreciate their help if they have the time.

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Sorry, I do not understand what you are asking or what you want to do?