ResEdit on R15? [SOLVED]

  • On 07/05/2014 at 21:11, xxxxxxxx wrote:

    User Information:
    ResEdit Version:   R8

    Hey all

    ResEdit doesn't run for me on R15
    I heard somewhere that it's possible to run previous versions of Cinema on the same machine, but this seems like an ineffective solution. Don't get me wrong :), i don't expect the ResEdit developers to rush because of me.

    What I'd like to ask instead, is if there are any examples of res files anywhere?

    e.g. :
    * different types of controls
    * step size / other property settings
    * advanced controls (e.g. graphs)

    Thank you!

  • On 08/05/2014 at 05:58, xxxxxxxx wrote:

    are sure?
    at dev. page at

    Additional Downloads_<_h2_>_

    Resource Editor for R14
    Development tool for creating plugin dialogs & resources.

    Also works for r15

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