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Cinema 4D Version:   13 
Platform:   Windows  ;   
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Hi, sorry if I sound grumpy. I'm trying the second day now to just add a link to the help pages (html) of my plugin. I tried adding a HYPERLINK resource - doesn't work. Now I'm looking for a way to add a menu item right after my plugin menu item in the plugins menu to open a local html file or an internet address. But I can't figure it out. I used the SDK example "EnhanceMainMenu" reacting on the C4DPL_BUILDMENU message as a base, but this will add a main menu item.

My idea is to search for the menu item of my plugin using the plugin ID and then insert a new item after. Is that the right way? And please can anybody please show me the way? There should be a way, since I've seen that at the "Riptide Pro" plugin.


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Always when you think it doesn't go on, a door is openening...

I found GeExecuteFile, that does it. Although I would prefer the menu item. Maybe s.o. knows the trick.

Thanks anyway.

EDIT: Ok, you can register a further command plugin to just call GeExecuteFile.

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Can't you use GeOpenHTML("http://blog.grooff.eu"); and put that in a menu?

Another option might be:

Bool MainDialog::CreateLayout(void)
	BaseContainer htmlc;
    htmlViewer = (HtmlViewerCustomGui* )AddCustomGui(1001, CUSTOMGUI_HTMLVIEWER, "Viewer", BFH_SCALEFIT|BFV_SCALEFIT, 900, 200, htmlc);
	Filename fn = "http://www.nu.nl";
	String htmlFile = fn.GetString();
	htmlViewer->SetUrl(htmlFile, URL_ENCODING_UTF16);
	return true;

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GeOpenHTML seems to be better than GeExecuteFile. The search of the Windows HTML help version of the SDK really does not list that function when searching after "HTML"

But the point is how to put it in the menu!

I will later try the htmlViewer. Looks more professional, I guess

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Using the customization >> customize menus you can easily add your command plugin to your own sub menu.
Or you can create a script and add it as as menu item.

import c4d
import webbrowser
def main() :
    url = "http://www.maxon.net"
    webbrowser.open(url, new=0, autoraise=True)
if __name__=='__main__':

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The PoseLibrary R13 C++ plugin on my site uses an HTML viewer. Which is launched from the Help menu in the plugin's dialog.
I think it also works in R15. But I Haven't tested it.

There's a lot of code in there you probably won't be interested in.
So look for this line of code in the HelpDialog section of the code:
Filename fn = GeGetPluginPath()+"HelpFiles" + "index.html";

Simply change this code to something like this:
Filename fn = "http://www.Google.com";

That will make the Google web page load inside of the HTML viewer.
Change the URL to what you want. Then throw away all the other code in that plugin you don't need.