User Folder vs. Program Folder

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Cinema 4D Version:   13 
Platform:   Windows  ;   
Language(s) :     C++  ;


When I started making plugins for C4D there was no such thing as a User Folder. The one that's in the hidden AppData folder in Windows. And now we're supposed to put our plugins in this new User Folder.
But I confess that I've never done that. Because I'm a creature of habit. And once I get comfortable with something. I don't usually change my habit unless there's a darn good reason to change.

So here I am years later.
I've created just about every type of plugin there is. Including custom libraries. And I've never had a problem with having my plugins in the Program Folder where they've always been in older versions.
*I'm also still using R13 if that matters.

So I'm wondering what's the difference (if any) between these two locations for storing plugins?
As far as I can see. They are working equally as well in either folder. And I don't see any reason or benefit to stop putting them in the Program Folder where I've always put them.


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Putting the plugins in either folder doesn't matter.  It is more about permissions to write to the Applications/Program folder on MacOS X and Windows Vista (and later).  Many plugin developers were storing (writing) data, preferences, etc. to their plugin folder (GeGetPluginFolder()) in the past but this now fails in these later OS's since one has to have permission to do so.

I still put my plugins in the Cinema 4D install plugins folder but save data/etc. to the Users folder to avoid that 'feature'.

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For X-Particles we strongly recommend that users put the plugin in the user folder, again because of write permissions. It wouldn't matter if we were storing only data - as Robert says, we could do that in the user folder regardless of where the plugin binary was, but our online updater needs to replace the binary and that can't be done in the applications folder.

So personally I'd recommend always using the user folder - you never know when that might become essential.

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Oh. I see.
I've never run into that situation. But I don't think I've ever written a plugin that has an option for the user to save things like preferences to the HD either.
That's probably why I haven't had any problems so far using the Program Folder.

Thanks for clearing that up guys.