Why is "BaseBitmap.__getitem__" bmp(x,y) only 8Bit

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Why is "BaseBitmap.__getitem__" bmp(x,y) only 8Bit?

It seems strange hence all the other color Values are more than enough but the bmp functions can only output 8bit values?

Perhaps I am on the wrong track, i need to read the pixel color of a rendered image to check against a color setting made in c4d.

How do i read the rendering in 16bit instead of 8bit?

From the SDK:
r, g, b = bmp[5, 5] #returns the color of a pixel at position x(5), y(5)

Return type:     tuple(int, int, int)
Returns:     The color of a pixel. Range between 0-255._ <-----!!!

Can it be converted to a C4D Vector with full color spectrum ? I guess I'll lose accuracy?

confused ...

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ah found something

(to use higher bit depths or multiple channels, see MultipassBitmap).

but how do i read the color values of each pixel of a multipass image?

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So I managed to read my BMP with this:


especially this part of the script:
    Example: RGB value of first pixel (only for 32 bits)
    import struct
    r, g, b = struct.unpack("fff", sq[0:12])
    print r, g, b

but I get strange RGB Values of my 32Bit Image.

I set the Object to RGB Float Values and get these float values from my 32Bit Pixels.

Testcolor: Vector(0.1, 0.2, 0.3) -> 32Bit RGB: 0.0100228255615 0.0331047661602 0.0732389613986
Testcolor: Vector(0.4, 0.5, 0.6) -> 32Bit RGB: 0.13286831975   0.214041143656 0.318546801805
Testcolor: Vector(0.7, 0.8, 0.9) -> 32Bit RGB: 0.447988420725 0.603827357292 0.7874122262
Testcolor: Vector(0.99,0.999, 1) -> 32Bit RGB: 0.977401912212 0.997726678848 1.0

This has a strange dynamic and I can't tell how to convert my values back so I can compare them.

My Questions:

What type of (RGB) values gives me the 32Bit Pixel`
How do I convert them to a format similar to the editor RGB Values which seem to be floats in percentage with 5 digits e.g "45.123%" ?

Cinema R13 Studio

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