Visual Studio 2010 --> 2012 strange things happen

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Cinema 4D Version:   13,14,15 
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Ok, I am going from VS 2010 to VS 2012. As far as I understand, this is ok with regard to the binaries created, it is first when I want to go to VS 2013 things happen, right?
Well, forget about 2013 at this moment.

I had expected a few hassles and snags, I can live with that. But this, which I will describe below, is more than I can understand, even if I try very hard:

BaseObject* bar FooBar::GetBarFromFoo(BaseTag* foo)
    return foo->GetObject();

This code works just fine all over my plugin, but not in this very class. All classes I have stem from TagData. If I put the cursor over GetObject(), and press F12, it hops to the definition all right. And Code Completion suggests GetObject() as it should, but Intellisense complains.
I really wonder why this happens!!
What I did, was to create a helper class, with just the purpose to solve this stupid error. With the same code in this helper class. And in this helper class, it works fine, I can build the project. But hey - I want to find out about this, what on earth is going on?!?

The problem is gone..
I have no idea why this hapoened, apart from one fact: I tried  the Visual Leak detector
And a lot of things suddenly doesn't work anymore.

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GetObjectA is something from windows.h as far as I can remember.
If you include it make sure that you also uses something like this:

#define WIN32_LEAN_AND_MEAN  
#define VC_EXTRALEAN  
#define NOMINMAX  
//other NO... defines...  
    #include "windows.h"

If you use R14 SDK then there will be problem with LONG also.


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Originally posted by xxxxxxxx

If you use R14 SDK then there will be problem with LONG also.

Yes, I saw that too.

In general, while I have been programming in C++ now for 8 months, I feel I am still a beginner. What confuses me is all those paths, compiler options, linker properties etc. It is like a jungle to me, whenever I build, I fear an error message popping up that I have no clue about.
The Property Manager in Visual Studio is especially confusing, combined with the property settings for each project. I have a wrong path somewhere, correct this path all over in a dialog boxes I can find, compile, get an error, inspect the properties again - only to find that the incorrect path I thought I had weeded out has crept back into the system again.
Well, I am exaggerating a bit, but you get the picture.

Thanks for the reply, great tip!