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Hi Folks,

is there a way to get the available computer's memory? Or preferably what's free? I've come across this in the docs "GeMemGetFreePhysicalMemoryEstimate()" but it's returning a negative value. Is this correct?

Just on another note, how can one calculate the memory space required for a bitmap? For instance, a 1920x1080 at 32B - if I know the resolution etc, how can I calculate the memory that image takes up?



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GeMemGetFreePhysicalMemoryEstimate() is returning a positive value for me. Note that it returns an unsigned integer. I'll asked the developers about what it means.

To know the memory usage of an image, allocate one and call BaseBitmap::GetMemoryInfo()/MultipassBitmap::GetMemoryInfo()

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Hi Yannick,

I do my programming and testing through the 32bit version. Might that account for the negative value?

The value itself looks a little like the number of free bytes..?