AttributeError: Parameter value not accessible

On 10/02/2014 at 03:13, xxxxxxxx wrote:

I guess, my only solution is to ditch the bitmaps 😞

On 11/02/2014 at 06:51, xxxxxxxx wrote:

What you've tried would exit the GetDEnabling() function immediately.

def GetDEnabling(self, node, id, t_data, flags, itemdesc) : 
    if (id[0].id == AB_NUM_B1) : return isoff1==1 
    if (id[0].id == AB_DENS_B1) : return isoff1==1 
    if (id[0].id == AB_START_B1) : return isoff1==1 
    if (id[0].id == AB_END_B1) : return isoff1==1 
    if (id[0].id == AB_SEED_B1) : return isoff1==1 
    if (id[0].id == AB_ON2) : return isoff1==1 
    if (id[0].id == AB_NUM_B2) : return (isoff1*isoff2)==1 
    if (id[0].id == AB_DENS_B2) : return (isoff1*isoff2)==1 
    if (id[0].id == AB_START_B2) : return (isoff1*isoff2)==1 
    if (id[0].id == AB_END_B2) : return (isoff1*isoff2)==1 
    if (id[0].id == AB_SEED_B2) : return (isoff1*isoff2)==1 
    if (id[0].id == AB_ON3) : return (isoff1*isoff2)==1 
    if (id[0].id == AB_NUM_B3) : return (isoff1*isoff2*isoff3)==1 
    if (id[0].id == AB_DENS_B3) : return (isoff1*isoff2*isoff3)==1 
    if (id[0].id == AB_START_B3) : return (isoff1*isoff2*isoff3)==1 
    if (id[0].id == AB_END_B3) : return (isoff1*isoff2*isoff3)==1 
    if (id[0].id == AB_SEED_B3) : return (isoff1*isoff2*isoff3)==1 
        return c4d.plugins.NodeData.GetDEnabling(self, node, id, t_data, flags, itemdesc) 
    except (AttributeError, TypeError) : 
        # Bug up to R14, AttributeError seems to be raised randomly for
        # BitmapButton items and TypeError sometimes for other things.
        return True 


On 12/02/2014 at 04:54, xxxxxxxx wrote:

It still returns the same errors 😞
I believe I will really have to ditch the bitmaps.
It is a shame, since I made some nice graphics 😞

Rui Bastista

On 10/01/2015 at 01:34, xxxxxxxx wrote:

is now a solution for r15 ?

On 10/01/2015 at 07:37, xxxxxxxx wrote:

The problem (at least with bitmaps) seems to be fixed in r15 and up.

On 10/01/2015 at 17:15, xxxxxxxx wrote:

after update to the latest r15 - it`s fixed - thanks