Draw bug with Outlines

  • On 28/01/2014 at 12:12, xxxxxxxx wrote:

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    Cinema 4D Version:   R15 
    Platform:   Windows  ;   
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    I am making a tag plugin in Python and noticed a display glitch with the Draw() method.

    When I draw a blue point and highlight it with the mouse, the point become white.

    This problem appear only with the Outlines highlight mode enabled in the view parameters.

    def Draw(self, tag, op, bd, bh) :  
      bd.DrawPoints([Vector(), Vector(50), Vector(100)], [0,0,1, 0,0,.5, 1,0,0], 3)  
      return True  

    Here is a screenshot, you can see it bug only when there is blue in the color :

    _<_img src="http://vonc.fr/temp/fc4d/bleublanc.jpg" border="0" /_>_

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