Help getting the SDK to compile on XCODE

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Cinema 4D Version:   r14 
Platform:      Mac OSX  ; 
Language(s) :     C++  ;

I'm running xcode 5.0.2 on a mac osx10.9 with C4Dr14.  When I try to compile the sdk I get the following error.

/Applications/ can't create output file: /./lib_api_release.a (Permission denied)
Command /Applications/ failed with exit code 1

Anyone offer any help?

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You shouldn't be doing any builds within the Applications folder - it is write protected!
Copy the plugins and resources folders from Cinema 4D to your Users folder somewhere and build from there.

On 15/01/2014 at 09:12, xxxxxxxx wrote:

When I move the build out of the plugins directory, the linker can't find the c4d.h files.  In previous versions of c4d I always built in the applications folder.

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Tried to do the same thing but with R13 and OSX 10.8 this week. Noticed the / in front of the filename? It wants to copy it into the root directory of your hard drive. The solution is very simple. Just change the install directory to . and it should work.

P.S. on my system i also had to correct the directory for intermediate build results. Was very easy as well. It is all right in the build options. I set mine to /Users/mwelter/Libraries/Dev/Blablabla/whatever/the/XCode/default/is

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yup, that was it!  Thank you for the reply!  I can now compile the test plugins!  Thanks!

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Or just change your permissions. The way I see it is, "How dare my computer tell me , the administrator, that I don't have permission!" 😂

Cactus Dan

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Cactus Dan!!  Whoa you are awesome man!  I can't believe you are on this forum!  That is fantastic!