Distance between two points

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How do I get the distance between two points, in global space?
I have tried to subtract two vectors, and then use GetLenth(), but I get different results depending on the order of the two vectors, and have a feeling I do not do it right.

Yes, it is a basic question I assume, but I have not needed this before now.
To clairify, in this case I want to know how this is done for two null objects, just to make it as simple as possible.

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Hi ingvar,

your approach doesn't sound very wrong.

Matrix mg1 = op1->GetMg();
Matrix mg2 = op2->GetMg();
Vector p1 = op->GetPointR()[42];
Vector p2 = op->GetPointR()[31];
Float distance = ((mg2 * p2) - (mg1 * p1)).GetLength();

what did you do differently?


On 07/01/2014 at 12:25, xxxxxxxx wrote:

Hi Niklas!

> your approach doesn't sound very wrong.
And you are so right, I have done it correctly. But i used some numbers from another part of my code, where I did it wrong!! So I though my latest calculation also was wrong.
Still I learnt something from you post, I have done it the simple way, like this:

        Matrix mgA = opA->GetMg();
    	Matrix mgB = opB->GetMg();
        Real distance = (mgA.off - mgB.off).GetLength();

And this works, for Nulls, as well as PolygonObjects.
Now  also can calculate the distance between points too, thanks!