Spline Generator Object

On 30/12/2013 at 09:17, xxxxxxxx wrote:

Hello all, hope you had some happy holidays.

I'm currently working with an object generator plugin that should be returning a spline.  I've done a decent about of work with generator plugins so I feel like I know them pretty well, but I haven't had any of them return splines.

So I always use GetVirtualObjects() but the Py-DoubleCircle example uses GetContour(), and GetVirtualObjects() returns polygonal objects whereas GetContour()returns splines.  So it seems that I should be using that.

But then my problem is that I want to use the AddDependence() stuff, to hide the children and use for updates.  By my understanding that could only be used in GetVirtualObjects() because it passes you HierarchyHelp.
Am I on the right track with this at all?

Thanks, Dan