Scroll group identity

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Cinema 4D Version:   R14 
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Hi folks,

I've had to do a bit of fiddling about with some scroll group placements in order to layout some parts of a dialog in a certain way. But this has led me to a little quandary I can't seem to find an answer for. I need to be able to get which scroll group has been scrolled, so that I can do some flicking about with some redraws etc. And unless I've just misunderstood them, both the docs and my searches here seem to rattle around the problem but none actually answer it. They all talk about the scroll group message, but none answer which scroll group has been scrolled.

So my question - how do we get the id of a scroll group that's just been scrolled, so that I can get it's scrolled values etc? I've got the following in the dialog's message() :

        GePrint("Scroll found.."); // works fine, but they all send this   

which is fine to use as a starter for when something is scrolled, but how do I know which scroll group has been scrolled?

I've put in the SCROLLGROUP_HEADER but this doesn't seem to have done anything (what is that meant to do?). Is this going to be a case of having to make my own dummy user area in order to send a message back to the dialog to tell it that the scroll group has scrolled the user area and re-drew it just to get which one was scrolled!?

I don't mind doing that if that's what's needed to be done (though that seems pretty cumbersome) - but some clarification here would be nice!



P.S. just to add to the above, I'm not wanting to get the scroll data to refresh a user area inside the scroll group - it's for user areas I have in other groups/scrollgroups etc that are not part of the scroll group I'm wishing to get scrolling data/notification from.