get rotation value

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i generate a bunch of objects with that function - but i don`t get the right rotation values - the object will effect by a AlignToSpline Tag.

even if i drag the values into the Console it get a Fail

hope one can give me a advice - Thanks

newclone = plate[1].GetClone(c4d.COPYFLAGS_NO_BITS)
                        doc.InsertObject(newclone, parent=bruchobejct)
                        newclone.SetName(Splinetarget.GetName()+' '+str(plate[0])+str(i))
                        nc_as = newclone.GetTag(5699)
                        nc_as[c4d.ALIGNTOSPLINETAG_LINK] = Splinetarget
                        nc_as[c4d.ALIGNTOSPLINETAG_POSITION] = ncas_pos
                        nc_as[c4d.ALIGNTOSPLINETAG_TANGENTIAL] = 1
                        nc_as[c4d.ALIGNTOSPLINETAG_AXIS] = 0
                        print newclone.GetRelPos()

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whats a 'fail' in the console for you ? however, if you do instantiate an object any tags on it won't
take effect until the next pass.