How to blend multiple Quaternions?

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Cinema 4D Version:   R13-R14 
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How would you calculate the average value from let us say 10 Quaternions?
In effect blend 10 Quaternions?

I have tried to iterate through all 10, and to use QBlend successively on each and everyone, using the previous Quaternion result as one of the operands in the next QBlend.
This gives me an average value to some extent, but it is not what I really am after.
Or? I don't have a mathematician's head, so I am not sure. But blending them successively, will probably not get me the correct average value of all 10.

I found out that if I vary the blend factor, the 3rd argument in Qblend(), I can get some very interesting effects, if I for example increase or decrease the value by the iteration index.