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Cinema 4D Version:   R12 
Platform:   Windows  ;   
Language(s) :     C++  ;

Hi all,

I want to learn C4D sdk for developing any plugin with C++ however i lost in sdk documentation. which way the i will follow for teach the SDK?

now i can make plugin that if clicked :)  Hello World.

I wanna make my own interface menu like button spinbox vs... and using other C++ libary with c4d sdk, example: Qt Digia. i expert on this.

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you possibly do not want to hear that, but you might want to consider starting with Python. The 
language itself is easier and also the Python SDK documentation is much better than the CPP
version. I do not know your level of experience with cpp, but even if you are pro user, you might
want to consider the Python side-route. Migrating from Python to Cpp won't be a big deal once 
you are familiar with the SDK, since both SDKs are very close to each other (the Python SDK is 
just a Cpp wrapper of course).

About Qt. You can technically use it, but c4d has its own window and gui system (which is quite
efficient IMHO). One of the c4d cpp paradigm is to code as far from the OS as possible. Just as an 
example - I think in the SDK example cpp files std is not used once. It's all sticks and stones with
the c4d SDK ;)

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You can probably learn a ton of basics stuff just by using the forum search option here. And searching for "ScottA".
I could barely write any C++ code at all when I signed up here.
So I've probably asked all the basic "How-Do-I" questions that most newbies would typically ask.
Sadly. I think the forum search only spits back 100 posts though.

Websites that have C++ code good for beginners to learn from: