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Cinema 4D Version:   15 
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In DescriptionToolData, when gets DescriptionToolData::InitDefaultSettings actually called?

The SDK info seems to imply that I use it to set my gadgets to their defaults. But at least in my code it never seems to go there.

At the moment I am using DescriptionToolData::InitTool to set the defaults but since that happens every time my tool gets called it's not ideal.

Am I missing something?



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Hi Peter,

DescriptionToolData::InitDefaultSettings() is called once, at its first execution, to set the default value of its settings.

Are you sure you use the right prototype?
It's void DescriptionToolData::InitDefaultSettings(BaseDocument* doc, BaseContainer& data)

See its simple implementation in the R15 SDK example SculptDrawPolyTool ( sculpting\drawpoly.cpp ). I put a breakpoint in it and it's called as expected by CINEMA.

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Thanks for the tip.

I didn't realize I also need this line in my function:
DescriptionToolData::InitDefaultSettings(doc, data);
Now it works. Although I don't exactly know why....