gl_test_object.cpp & vbstereo.cpp questions

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Cinema 4D Version:   15 
Platform:   Windows  ;   
Language(s) :     C++  ;

well I'm trying to make a CUDA plugin , till now everything is fine , just one main problem is that performance is CRIPPLED due to copy (cpu -> gpu) then (gpu -> cpu) then (cpu -> c4d opengl) ...

seems really ugly thing :(  (performance can go from 10 fps to 300 fps if I can take any handle to GPU)

now the 2 questions are (if any one can solve any or give hints will be appreciated :) ) :

1 - in gl_test_object.cpp , this line exactly:

m_pSubBuffer = pBuffer->AllocSubBuffer(bd, VBArrayBuffer, lPoints * (sizeof(float3) + sizeof(float3) + sizeof(float3)), void* pData);  

that *pData , how to give it directly to the function without having to do map buffer , copy stuff , unmap buffer? , I tried the naive method of copy stuff to the pointer , and pass it , but C4D crashes..

2 - in vbstereo.cpp , I see that the drawn frame can be controlled directly from the textures:

nTexture1 = fbuf->GetTexture(colortex, C4D_FRAMEBUFFER_COLOR);
nTexture2 = fbuf->GetTexture(colortex + 1, C4D_FRAMEBUFFER_COLOR);
nTexture3 = lCameraCount == 3 ? fbuf->GetTexture(colortex + 2, C4D_FRAMEBUFFER_COLOR) : 0;  

can I use something like this in the other VBO file to directly draw the vertex buffer? (as till now THIS is the only function that returns a HANDLE to something on GPU .... I can for example use that Handle directly in CUDA and modify its data)

thanks in advance , and hope some one can help

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no body knows O_o at Maxon devs? sense like someone has just wrote the OpenGL calls for you and he just died "we can't support this OpenGL header , it is from another SDK.."

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well nvm , I have solved my problem by hacking opengl buffer :)