Real values

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Cinema 4D Version:   R14 
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Hi Folks,

I've got the following in a dialog:

if(this->SetReal(ID_REAL_UP, 1, NULL, NULL, 0.1, FORMAT_DEGREE, NULL, NULL, FALSE, FALSE));{GePrint("Aparently set..");}   

The GePrint runs, but the value is not set.

There are variations of this in 'if' statements, so depending on which if statement runs, the real could be a percent display, or a degree display. But the values aren't being set, they are always zero. (Has this anything to do with the tristate flag?).

Setting (trying) different bool values where the false flags are doesn't seem to change anything (value-wise). Where am I going wrong here?



EDIT: just shortened some code to fit it on my little screen, also just to note that the real did show the values correctly at one point, but that was before I tried putting in the FORMAT_DEGREE flag as I'm wanting it to display the degree symbol, and not just a plain real number. BTW the real does change the symbol when I go to a different if statement too, so it's clearly updating the real, just not implementing the value with it.

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Eh, Ok, I've sorted this one. putting NULL sets the values to 0. Should have realised that a little earlier. So I'll have to put in some ridiculous value.

Just while I'm on this, do others have a particular number they often use for scenarios like this?


EDIT (again!) : I've found the MINREALr flags. They'll do. I think these benefit from being mentioned in the docs under the real settings.