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Hi there,

right now, I am restricting some options if in demo mode so one needs a serial to unlock the whole plugin functionality. a betatester asked if restricting the rendering option would make sense. what do you mean? is this a good idea? I am not quite sure about doing it or not...

thanks for your thoughts on this one...


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Personally, I don't restrict the rendering in my plugins. My thought on this is that if people use my plugins and want to send their files to a render farm, but the render farm doesn't want to buy the plugins, then the users of my plugins would be at an impasse. If the render farm could still use the plugins in demo mode to perform the rendering, they'd be more willing to install them. Then the users of my plugins would be more willing to use the plugins in their work. 😉

Cactus Dan

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i wouldn't have problems to give license to render farms. but i think you are right anyway. rendering is important to get a better feeling about what a plugin does.