BaseObject form VolumeData

  • On 13/10/2013 at 08:00, xxxxxxxx wrote:

    Python, R 14/15, Windows


    I have got a little ShaderData plugin. I would like to get hold of the BaseObject the current
    ShaderData.Output() pass is being called for. Actually I do not need the BaseObject itself, only 
    its global matrix. I suppose I have somehow to use the ray hitid pointer of the BaseVolumeData, 
    but i cannot find anything specific in the python or cpp sdk. Is that even possible in python, 
    considering that there are missing several rendering related classes ?

    Thanks for your help,

  • On 13/10/2013 at 08:52, xxxxxxxx wrote:

    Unfortunately you can not retrieve the object from a VolumeData in Python.


  • On 13/10/2013 at 09:33, xxxxxxxx wrote:

    That is unfortunate, but thanks for the quick reply.

    Happy rendering,

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