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to retrieve the size of a group of objects i had the idea to use the following code.
however, it seems to not work. i searched the forum, but found only things i dont understand.

Vector Handrail::getSize(BaseObject* o)
	Vector size = Vector(0);
	BaseObject* temp = BaseObject::Alloc(Oconnector);
	if (temp)
		size = temp->GetRad();
	return size;

any help would be great :) i am just looking for an easy way to get the dimension of a user defined object (and this object could be anything)

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GetRad() only works for objects that override that method in their NodeData, to return a proper bounding box dimension.

If GetRad() doesn't work for you, you could also use the PolygonObject or PointObject of the generator, iterate over all points and use the MinMax class to calculate its extends.

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you mean creating a clone of the provided object link and get the points of that one??

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Generator objects store a polygonal cache object which you can accessed with BaseObject::GetCache().
There is a detailed description in the SDK Documentation on how caches work.

Cactus Dan

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thank you! that helps a lot...