popup like alert("...");

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Cinema 4D Version:   r14 
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Hi there,

i am wondering if and how it is possible to add a simple dialog box to an object plugin. just a window with a message and an "ok"-button.

any input highly appreciated :)

thanks in advance,

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Hi ello,

you can catch the press of a button on your object's description (parameters in the AM) by
overriding NodeData::Message() and catching the MSG_DESCRIPTION_COMMAND message.

> Bool MyObjectPlugin::Message(GeListNode* node, LONG type, void* p_data) {
> DescriptionCommand* data = reinterpret_cast<DescriptionCommand*>(p_data);
> if (data && data->id == MYOBJECTPLUGIN_BUTTON) {
> MessageDialog("My Button was pressed!");
> }
> }
> return SUPER::Message(node, type, p_data);
> }

Messages are sent from the main thread. You can safely perform GUI operations.


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thank you very much!