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hi there,

is it possible to disable saving and exporting in a plugin? i'd like to use this in a demo version of a plugin...


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Haven't we had the same question 2-3 weeks ago already ? Officially it is not intended as a part 
of SNHook concept, but I guess there is always a way to torpedo something like the saving 

The question is - do you really want that ? It will render a 3000 € software useless for the user 
just because he has installed/used your demo. Not a very good first impression IMHO. I would 
go for the standard concept - release a version that is tied to the c4d DEMO serial. Here is a very 
good article series about licensing concepts for c4d plugins :


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i did this already, but often get requests why my demo doesnt work within the normal cinema version. and i dont know if it is better to force users to download and install the demo version of cinema...

maybe i can do it in a way that its just not saveable when the plugin object is in the scene...

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I prefer a third way - have a separate demo version which is crippled so that the user gets a good taste of the plugin but needs to buy in order to get the full functionality.

Pesonally I truly hate having to run a demo plugin under the C4D demo and never bother if that's what I have to do. Which potentially means a lost sale. Preventing saves is difficult and is almost as annoying as having to use the Cinema demo, IMO.


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maybe right. possibly i just give away the plugin and if a user wants a paid serial he can get it... this would be the easiest way :D

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Remember that each object, tag, etc., that inherits from NodeData has access to NodeData::Read() and NodeData::Write(). You can use those functions to read and write a flag for the demo mode. Then disable your plugin objects, tags, etc., for any file loaded with the demo flag set. :wink:

Cactus Dan

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thank you for the info