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I just finally had some money to upgrade from R12 to R15.
Now, how do I upgrade my C++ plugin projects in XCode4 to R15?
It seems that all my projects started as clones from the SDK code. I was never able to start one from scratch.



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Compile and resolve your errors. Define the "__LEGACY_API" preprocessor definition in your
project settings.


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But I do have to link to the new c4d libraries. Do I change any build settings?

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You start from a copy of the R15 SDK project like before, then change the name of the project and target from within Xcode 4. With Xcode 3, you could change the name of the project in the Finder, but in Xcode 4 you may lose some of the build settings, so you have to change the name after loading the copy into Xcode 4.

Cactus Dan

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Thanks, Cactus Dan

That's what I thought.

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So, I successfully migrated one of my extra-simple tag plugins from R12 to  R15. Based on the SDK code.

Next I tried my hand at a little more complex DescriptionToolData plugin. All was going well and the changes were obvious (long->Int32, etc, I suppose the LONG in the .res file do stay?). Compiled fine. In the Console window I get my message that the plugin has loaded successfully (RegisterToolPlugin returned no error). But the plugin doesn't show in the Plugin menu. And it looks like it doesn't call InitTool or InitDefaultSettings.

I checked and rechecked but can't figure it out. Any ideas?


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New info coming in. Currently my R15 plugins folder is empty except for SDK and the Tool plugin I am trying to get to work.

To my surprise I have an entry in the Plugins menu called "Power Gradient" that I ignored until now. When I click on it I get a error alert: Unable to open file ..../name of my plugin.res. I searched through my files and found no reference to "Power Gradient". There is string in the file c4d_string.str of the SDK. So somehow this is related to the code I "borrowed" from the SDK. But how?


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OK. Just to close this: I had forgotten to remove the SDK res folder. So both my own resources and the SDK's were included in the build. Deleted SDK res folder and all is well now.