New light

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I Looping for a light - a Bit of parallel light and Spot Light

I Need a light wir an Start radius and a angle like a Spot Light

Has Someone an idea ?

On 24/09/2013 at 02:00, xxxxxxxx wrote:

Not quite sure what you mean, but I would insert a light (Olight) and then change the settings.
E.g. Light[c4d.LIGHT_TYPE], Light[c4d.LIGHT_DETAILS_OUTERANGLE], etc.

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hey pgrooff,

for a better understanding I add a image.

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c4d standard light sources have a clipping functionality. add near clip from 0.0 to x.x for your
spot and you will end up with 'what i need'. writing your own light sources is not possible
in python.

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The clipping is a near Solution but when The light is in an Objekt it doesn't work because the Light Calculation Star on the beginning - and Not on the clipping

On 25/09/2013 at 03:30, xxxxxxxx wrote:

I have some problems to understand your last reply. If the fact that the origin of the lightsource 
still remains at the theoretical point of emissions and is not moved with the clipping plane is your
problem, you have basically two options.

1. Use a null and live with the overlapping gui lines ( use the null to offset the light along its
z-axis, so that the origin / rotation point lies within the near clipping plane.

2. Write a gui wrapper for the light. Create a resource including the whole Olight ressource
and return in your GVO() just a light object into which you have copied your objects data
container. In GVO() you can offset the light object along its z-axis to move the origin. In 
Draw() you can build your light object editor repr. form scratch. You will also have to re-
implement the handles.

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hope that picture make it more understandable

the problem is the distance between the clipping and the light emitter - in this case the floor will stop the light -  of course I can exclude the floor and the modell in the Light - Project _ Settings  but that doesn`t work in this case for me - and hundreds of lights

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Ah ok, no I do get the problem. I thought you were just looking for a rather cosmetic fix for 
the gui repr of a light object. I am afraid there is no solution for your problem, as we cannot
write our own light source objects. The only solution I could think of would be a hack with 
some polygonal blocking geometry, either as a simple light rig or as a plugin.