CommandData with Description

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Cinema 4D Version:   13.061 
Platform:   Windows  ;   
Language(s) :     C++  ;

I like to implement a CommandData which contain a description and this description should be visible in the attribute manager. I like the same behaviour as the C4D command "Project Info...".
How can I do this, because the normal CommandData doesn't contain a description file.

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Hi Marky,

You have two options:

1. Create a DescriptionToolData plugin. Parameters will be visible in the Attribute Manager when
the tool is active, you do not necessarily have to react on mouse or keyboard input.
2. Register a new mode to the Attributes Manager and create a node which contains the attributes
as a description (see lib_activeobjectmanager in the C++ SDK documentation). This will create a
new entry under the same menu where "Project Info..." is available.


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thanks a lot

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Still one question.
If I call a tool with the "CallCommand(id)", the tool will be activated and the mouse is changed if I move over the view. How can I deactivate the tool again? Or how can I avoid that the mouse icon is changed.

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You can simply use BaseDocument's SetAction(id/pluginid) to set the active tool.  To deactivate it, you must select another tool (SetAction(something else)).  Use ID_MODELING_LIVESELECTION or store the previous tool id before making yours active so that you can use that to restore it when done with yours.  You shouldn't be using CallCommand() for this purpose.

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Hi again,
it's working find. But now I like to add a LISTVIEW element in the description file of the *.res file. But I don't know in this case, how I define the layout of this LISTVIEW and how I set the data in the BaseContainer ? Do you have an example?

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.res file


I stumbled my way through this gizmo a little while ago.
You might find it helpful(or at least comical 😂 ) :