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Hi, _<_o:_<_o:p_>_o:p>
I'm trying to find out if a bounding box is visible in the _<_o:_<_o:p_>_s view.
I've only found a way to test if the bounding box is visible _<_o:_<_o:p_>_editor's view:
resul_<_o:_<_o:p_>_torview.TestClipping3D(mp, rad, mg)
Does anyone know how to replace "edito_<_o:_<_o:p_>_so that the function access to the camera's view?
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GetActiveBaseDraw() does not return a gui.EditorView instance, but a BaseDraw instance as
the name implies (the BaseDraw attached to the currently active BaseView). BaseDraw inherits 
from BaseView.

You can change the BaseDraw camera with BaseDraw.SetSceneCamera().