null object, where, how?

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hi there!

i want to export "null objects" but can't find a constant for it like OBJECT_POLYGONOBJECT.
when i GePrint the GetInfo() from a null object, i get a 1<<28, but also can't find a suitable
define for it in the c++SDK. where is it?

is it safe to use the 1<<28 or even go for the name including "null"?
feels so dirty...

now i have "forward-kinematics" with hierarchical poly-objects,
but null-objetcs are so usefull for everything and i want them as parents
for the SRT-matrices... dragging the other objects every time in/out would be painfull...

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Hi Sibu,

it's not 1 << 28, I wonder how you come to this value? The actual plugin ID of a Null-Object is Onull
or 5140 in integral form. OBJECT_POLYGONOBJECT also is not the ID of a Polygon-Object, it is a
bitflag used for the registration of object plugins. The plugin ID of Cinema 4D's standart polygon
object is Opolygon (or 5100 in integral form).

Best regards,

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hi niklas!

well, i do this:

and export my polyObjects.

i want to do the same with null-objects.

as said, when i GePrint the GetInfo from a null-object, i get 1<<28.

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Hi Sibu,

oh I'm sorry, I confused the GetInfo() method. Well, yes the return of GetInfo() is expected. You
should switch to using IsInstanceOf() and the Onull and Opolygon constants.

if (o->IsInstanceOf(Opolygon)) {
    // ...
else if (o->IsInstanceOf(Onull)) {
    // ...

While the Opolygon constant represents the plugin ID of the standart Cinema 4D polygon object,
it also represents the "class" of the object being capable of the polygon object interface and is
actually equal to your method.

Same goes for the Opoint constant. For example, you can check an FFD deformer for


and it yields TRUE! However,

ffd->GetType() == Opoint

yields FALSE. It depends on your needs which way you choose. Either way, any object which
returns TRUE on calling IsInstanceOf(Opolygon) can be cast to a PolygonObject* of the SDK.

GetInfo() only returns the flags that have been passed to RegisterObjectPlugin(), specifieng
fundamental properties of the plugin (does it generate geometry? does it deform geometry? is it a point object? etc.)


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thank you very much!

thats what i was looking for, still new to the c4d-sdk, ofcourse i should check for IsInstanceOf...

nochmal, vielen dank!
bis demnäxt...