Adding GI post effect to RenderData

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Cinema 4D Version:   R13+ 
Platform:   Windows  ;   Mac OSX  ; 
Language(s) :     C++  ;

I am a bit overwhelmed by how I might add a Global Illumination (GI) post effect to the RenderSettings (RenderData).  I see how to get it from posts here but adding one is a bit vague.  Do I just do this:

BaseVideoPost*  pBVP = BaseVideoPost::Alloc(VPglobalillumination);  
//... Allocation error check  

Is that it?

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Away from my dev machine ATM but I think that's all I did when I added a GI VP in my sIBL Loader plugin.


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I've been adding post effects that same way too Robert.

A similar type example from my notes.

//This code enables the multi-pass option and adds the RGBA pass to it  
  RenderData *rd = doc->GetActiveRenderData();  
  rd->SetParameter(RDATA_MULTIPASS_ENABLE, 1, DESCFLAGS_SET_0); // Enable the multi pass option  
  MultipassObject *mpo = NULL;  
  mpo = (MultipassObject* )MultipassObject::Alloc(Zmultipass);  
  if (!mpo) return FALSE;  
  BaseContainer *data = mpo->GetDataInstance();  
  rd->InsertMultipass(mpo, NULL);  
  doc->AddUndo(UNDOTYPE_NEW, mpo);  
  GeData d;                                                      //Store the on/off state value in this variable  
  rd->GetParameter(RDATA_MULTIPASS_ENABLE, d, DESCFLAGS_GET_0);  //Get the multipass's on/off state  
  LONG mpState = d.GetLong();