Undo Issue with CA Weight Tag

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Cinema 4D Version:   R10+ 
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There seems to be an undo issue with the CA Weight tag.

I'm creating a command that will convert CD Skin to the C4D native skinning, so I first add the Skin Object as a child of the mesh, then add the CA Weight tag, then add the joints to the tag, then add the weights to the tag and then call the Set Pose button like this:

DescriptionCommand wtdc;
wtdc.id = DescID(ID_CA_WEIGHT_TAG_SET);

... then delete the CD Skin tag.

The problem is that when I hit undo, it undoes everything except the CA Weight tag is still on the object. I am adding an undo new to the undo list for the inserted tag, so I'm wondering if the CA Weight tag has a start and end undo within the description command for the Set Pose button. I had that problem with some of my plugin tags where when using a CommandData plugin to create the tag there was an issue of an undo group (in the tag) within an undo group (in the command).

The way I fixed the issue with my tags was to get rid of the undo group in the tag but still added the undo's in the tag just without a group. It seemed like it didn't cause any undo issues because somehow there was a calling undo group.

So my question is: Is this the same issue with the CA Weight tag (an undo group within an undo group)?

Cactus Dan