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i generate a object plugin with an hidden children structure.

by selecting in the viewer - i select only a child of my main object

- is  there a way to change the selecting to the main object

- is there a way to check if the selected object has is an a hostory of an object from type XX

Thanks ;)

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Depends on what you do mean with hidden child structure :

1. a cache containing multiple objects
2. actually a list of hidden nodes parented with the GeListNode attached to your plugin

With selecting you mean displaying the description of one of these childs instead of the parent nodes 
description I suppose ? The easiest way to override selections is a MessageData plugin, simply listen 
to EVMSG_CHANGE and cache your the current selection state (in your case the object selection). 
Then update the selection using the cache as a reference ( remove objects of type of your plugin and 
insert the nodes you want to insert instead ).

ObjectData.Message() does not receive attribute/object manger selection state related messages (at 
least I am not aware of one), but you can of course always read the nodes (n)bits in your plugin class 
to react to selection states.

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Thanks for your reply

I talked about No 2 and with selecting I mean the Choose the Objects and i Need to change the Selektion to the objectplugin object

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well, as I said, go for a MessageData plugin.