How to implement tooltips like BitmapButton

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Hi folks,
I wonder how to implement tooltips as it's done in the BitmapButtonCustomGui. It would be nice if I could do something similiar to display descriptions of selected items in our browser plugin (basically a big user area in which we draw rectangular items).
Is this even possible without using OS functions?
Thanks in advance,

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I think it is not the way its done by c4d, but you could use a dialog (as they already used for almost
everything). DLG_TYPE_ASYNC_POPUPEDIT will open a dialog without a menu bar and a 
window frame.

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BFM_GETCURSORINFO is sent to GeDialog::Message(). I didn't try it myself, but among the
documentation, you can define a tooltip text at any position for any element at any time.

> #### BFM_GETCURSORINFO_<_h4_>_
> You can respond this message if you want to display any helpinformations in the bubblehelp or global statusbar.

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Thanks for the fast replies!
I think using BFM_GETCURSORINFO would be the cleaner way and it seemed to be very promising, but I couldn't make it work :(

This is how I have tried it:

LONG ImageArea::Message(const BaseContainer& msg, BaseContainer& result)   
    if (msg.GetId() == BFM_GETCURSORINFO)   
        LONG mx = msg.GetLong(BFM_DRAG_SCREENX);   
        LONG my = msg.GetLong(BFM_DRAG_SCREENY);   
        if (m_highlightedItem != NOTOK)   
            result.SetBool(RESULT_SUPPRESSBUBBLE, FALSE); // already FALSE   
            result.SetString(RESULT_BUBBLEHELP_TITLE, "bubble help title");   
            result.SetString(RESULT_BUBBLEHELP, "-- Here should be the description --");   
            result.SetString(RESULT_HELP1, "Test1");   
            result.SetString(RESULT_HELP2, "Test2");   
            result.SetString(RESULT_HELP3, "Test3");   
            result.SetString(RESULT_HELP4, "Test4");   
    return GeUserArea::Message(msg, result);   

Also found this related topic, with the same problem, but no solution: Dialog BubbleHelp?

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Same here. But this works

    virtual Bool Message(const BaseContainer& msg, BaseContainer& result) {
        switch (msg.GetId()) {
            case BFM_GETCURSORINFO: {
                result.SetLong(RESULT_CURSOR, MOUSE_BUSY);
                result.SetBool(RESULT_SUPPRESSBUBBLE, FALSE);
                result.SetString(RESULT_BUBBLEHELP_TITLE, "Bubble Help Title");
                result.SetString(RESULT_BUBBLEHELP, "Cool description stuff here.");
                result.SetString(RESULT_HELP1, "RESULT_HELP1");
                result.SetString(RESULT_HELP2, "RESULT_HELP2");
                result.SetString(RESULT_HELP3, "RESULT_HELP3");
                result.SetString(RESULT_HELP4, "RESULT_HELP4");
        return super::Message(msg, result);

This is nowhere documented, but it was an idea and I gave it a shot. And now it works! :)
You have to set the ID of the result container to BFM_GETCURSORINFO.

Edit: Removed print line, it was a left over of stripping the code.

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Woow awesome :D Can't believe that it's working :) Thx mate!