Serializing a spline, how?

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How would you go about to serialize a spline? That is get hold of all the data needed in order to recreate it? No cloning / copying here. I might want to store the data in a disc file, and read this file later, in order to create an exact copy. I am just after what data to collect and how.
This is an example:

To sum it up: What spline properties do I need to know, in order to create an identical spline programmatically?

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its pretty straight forward you you just need three vector arrays - one for the control point vectors 
in local spline space and two for the left and right tangent in the local control point space. you can 
also store the spline type and the spline closed state if you do want to support closed splines and 
other interpolations than the bezier interpolation.

i did something like that some time ago in python ( i do not have the code here). i did use a
base container hierarchy to store the splines in a hyperfile.

bc spline
	bc data
		bc sgement0
			bc point0
				int point id
				vector p
				vector t0
				vector t1
			bc point1
			bc point2
		bc sgement1
		bc sgement2
	int type
	bool closed

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I will try to understand it. I also found this:
which is about creating a spline. Knowing that, I might probably learn how to read out the data from a spline too.