Polygonize() & CallCommand

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    Cinema 4D Version:   12 
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    doc->Polygonize() makes a clone, according to the SDK. If I follow this with a CallCommand(12107) and CallCommand(12108) which is Copy and Paste, which is affected? The original doc or the "clone"?

    In my SceneSaver plugin (for which I used the .stl exporter from the SDK as starter) I had originally worked with a Polygonized doc. It seems when I couldn't find another way to Copy/Paste a polygon object and used CallCommand's it didn't work - as CallCommand seems to affect the doc and not the clone. Since my exporter tests the objects intended for export it knows that they are polygons - so I took out Polygonize. Now my exporter works all the way through (creates the output file and the correct output in the console) but still crashes C4D.

    Does a SceneSaver require polygonization for some reason?



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    The original doc, of course, since CallCommand() is equivalent to the user actually selecting that action in the C4D interface.  You should use SendModelingCommand() instead.

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    Thanks. Of course that makes sense.
    In my situation I need to make a copy of an existing object, not change it. Couldn't find another way than CallCommand() even I feel a bit uncomfortable using it.

    It seems making a duplicate and just inserting it into the doc should be possible. But how?

    It turns out that the SceneSaver does apparently need a Polygonized doc.


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    To copy something, use the GetClone() method of the object.

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