Determine if a BaseObject is part of a GVO cache

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Cinema 4D Version:   14 
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Is there some sort of flag which does indicate, that a BaseObject is part of a virtual object cache
returned by a generator object like for example a mograph cloner ? The reason why I am asking -
I am currently drawing some stuff into the viewport using the NBIT_SOMETHINGHIGHLIGHT bit to
determine if the drawn content should be drawn in a highlighted manner or not. But that 
approach does not work if the object is part of of virtual object chain. How is this done properly ?

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On 30/07/2013 at 00:42, xxxxxxxx wrote:

You can use BIT_CONTROLOBJECT to check if the object was touched by a generator. The state of the
bit is only valid after it respective generator has been evaluated. To be safe, I'd not even rely on that but
only check the bit when _all_ generators have been evaluated.


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That bit and its document description does sound promising. I have to admit that i do not
fully understand you further explanations about the evaluation of that bit flag.

1. i do draw stuff in a BaseObject.Draw() method, the drawn content could be described as splines.
2. when hovering an element i want to highlight it, which is working fine with NBIT_HIGHLIGHTBLAH
3. the code does not work for my node sitting in a generator object.
4. i am looking for a fast way to determine if a node is child in a GVO chain of an generator and then 
read the highlight bit of the generator to apply it to the child (preferably not for each draw pass, but 
only when it is necessary)

i'll report back if i do find a solution.

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Correcting myself:

I also need to check whether an object is used by a generator or not. BIT_CONTROLOBJECT
does not seem to be the correct way to go. _Every_ object has that bit set after evaluation,
so that doesn't help at all unfortunately.