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Cinema 4D Version:   R13 
Platform:   Windows  ;   
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I try to save a c4d project using
The project is saved, but the problem is that after calling SaveDocument(...) Cinema still sees the project as modified(in the GUI you will see the name of the project with * after) and if I try to close Cinema4D every time I get the question if I want to save the project or not.
How can I modify the flag for modified project, so I don't have this situation anymore?

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Thanks for the tip.
I tested and it's not working.

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According to the SDK documentation, adding this flag:

"Sets the Autosave mode. Files are not added to the recent file list and the document change star will not be reset."

Have you tried it without SAVEDOCUMENTFLAGS_SAVECACHES to see if that flag is erroneously interfering with this flag?  Of course, if the document has not been saved at all, it may invoke the change star. You may want to try it with the SAVEDOCUMENTFLAGS_DONTADDTORECENTLIST as well and see if that changes the situation.  The C4D SDK is not bad but it can be a bit temperamental.