User issue, plugin asks for serial after uninstall

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Cinema 4D Version:   14 
Platform:    Mac  ;  
Language(s) :     C++  ;

Hi everyone,
I've just had a customer get in touch to tell me that after deleting my plugin it is still asking them for a serial.

I'm registering the plugin with a SerialHook to let C4D handle storing serials, does anything get left behind in that process (maybe in registry or preferences somewhere) that could account for this? I know it keeps the serial itself - but after removing the plugin there shouldn't be a call to the serial hook anymore, so it shouldn't ask for a serial, unless I'm missing something?

If anyone has any ideas or experience of this I'd greatly appreciate any tips.

Thanks in advance,

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The only way that a plugin serial number can be requested is if the SerialHook-derived class in the plugin requests it which means that the plugin still exists and is being initialized during Cinema 4D startup.

Make sure that the user has removed the plugin in both the Cinema 4D install and in the Cinema 4D Preferences folder - plugins folders exist in both.  You can go to the Preferences folder by starting C4D, opening Preferences, and clicking the button at the bottom "Open Preferences Folder...".  They should also check that they don't have duplicates of your plugin installed.

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Hi Robert, thanks very much for the advice,