custom GvNodeWorld doesn't recieve DEL keybrd msg

  • On 02/07/2013 at 11:40, xxxxxxxx wrote:

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    My plugin allocates a GvNodeMaster object and opens it via GvWorld::OpenDialog(). The dialog
    opens, nodes can be added, edited, connected, removed. But for example pressing the back-space
    key to delete the selected nodes does not work.

    virtual Bool Init(GeListNode* node) {
            if (!node || !super::Init(node)) return FALSE;
            if (!m_master) {
                GvWorld* world = GvGetWorld();
                if (world) {
                    m_master = world->AllocNodeMaster((BaseList2D* ) node);
                    if (!m_master) return FALSE;
            return TRUE;

    Bool OpenXPressoWindow() {
            if (!GeIsMainThread()) {
                GePrint(__FUNCTION__": Invalid cross-thread call.");
                return FALSE;

    GvWorld* world = GvGetWorld();
            if (world && m_master) {
                return world->OpenDialog(ID_XPRESSOEFFECTOR_OBJECT, m_master);
            return FALSE;

    Instead, it'll just remove the selected material, object, tag or whatever was selected before.
    Any ideas?


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