Showing subchannels by default (customgui)

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Hi people,

I'm working on a custom datatype which consists of a slightly modified ImageButton and two comboboxes, which are added as subdescription inside CustomDataTypeClass::_GetDescription(). Now I'm wondering how it is possible to show these subchannels by default like it's done with the Vector datatype. Is there a flag or something?


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Ok I realized that Vector is a bad example. Because it only uses a subdescription so disabling of subchannels is not possible there. But there should still be the possiblity to change the value of "Show subchannels" programmatically..

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Ok seems that nowhere in CINEMA subchannels are on by default. I will remove the subdescription and create everything in the custom gui manually similiar to the spline datatype. Thanks anyway!

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i am not 100% sure in which context you do understand subchannels here (that is why i did delete my first posting), but the alternative subchannel gui is implemented as a separate customgui. you can find an example in the cloth tag.

...modules\mocca\clothilde\res\description\clothtag.res	6,00 KB	23.08.2012 19:44:28

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Thanks for the example. I already checked out the SUBDESCRIPTION customgui, but it doesn't work for me because in my case the comboboxes are the subchannels (the content of the bitmapbutton depends on the comboboxes). If I use SUBDESCRIPTON my custom gui isn't display but only what I add in _GetDescription().