Render Instance doesn't draw

On 10/06/2013 at 01:58, xxxxxxxx wrote:

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Cinema 4D Version:   R12-R14 
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Language(s) :     C++  ;

Hi people,

my object has different modes for it's visual represenation. If I use a polygonal mode everything works fine. But as soon as I switch to a mode, where I only use the drawing function and activate the "Render Instance" option it becomes invisible.
I tried the same with the default Joint Object (which is represented as a circle) and there the instance object is displyed properly. So I assume I am missing something or doing something wrong.

I would appreciate any help 🙂

On 10/06/2013 at 08:05, xxxxxxxx wrote:

If you haven't already, try to return an empty Polygon Object instead of NULL.


On 10/06/2013 at 10:01, xxxxxxxx wrote:

I'm only returning NULL if something fails. In the mode I mentioned GetVirtualObjects returns a PolygonObject which contains two points to have the proper boundings for drawing. So that's not the problem 😕

On 13/06/2013 at 11:21, xxxxxxxx wrote:

If someone ever runs into the same problem.. A workaround is to draw the objects from a scenehook traversing the whole scene and checking if the contained instances are render instances and are referecing to your object.