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Hi Folks,

I'm in need of a little c++ lesson here - how do I convert from a const Vector * to a Vector *? Example of what I've tried below:

const Vector *CVec = Vector(100,100,100);   
Vector *NewVec;   
NewVec = CVec; // doesn't seem to work..   



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hi, I am a C++ beginner, so I have no idea if this is what you are after, but here is something I myself use:

vector<LONG>* vLong = new vector<LONG>();

Hope this helps

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Use a const_cast with pointers:

Vector* NewVec = const_cast<Vector*>(CVec);

Still, if you don't require CVec to be const (immutable) you should define it as such and avoid the conundrum altogether.  You could also make a new vector and copy the pointed contents from the constant to it so that the 'contents' become mutable.

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Thanks to Both of you. I may have finally found a part-solution to a 12+ month problem of mine!